How to deploy a feature through PowerShell

Every time I go to deploy a feature from outside Visual Studio I forget the PowerShell commands.
I found the Corey Roth has a great blog entry about it and I end up going there.

So I decided to finally write up what I do.  After using stsadmin for so long it’s hard to make the adjustment to PowerShell.

Here is the first step to add a Farm Solution.
Add-SPSolution <File Path>\<WSP Filename>
(For ex, Add-SPSolution C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Deploy\Deploy_Service_Lists.wsp)

The next step is to install the solution.
Install-SPSolution –Identity <WSP Filename> p  –GACDeployment
(For ex, Install-SPSolution –Identity Deploy_Service_Requests_Lists.wsp  –GACDeployment)

*If you use Add-SPUserSolution it will be sandboxed solution.  Which I’ve done before at a client and I couldn’t find the solution because I used the wrong command.

** Workflows are a little different because they are not scoped at the farm level.  Here is the link to deploy a workflow.

posted @ Tuesday, July 16, 2013 4:23 PM


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