SharePoint 2007

Variations quit propagating

If variations quit working, the it could be the relationship list (hidden list in the root site) could be corrupt. This could happen when you copy sites/pages from the target site back to the source site. The easiest way to fix is run the variations editor. You have to run the tool on the front end server (just on one of them if you have multiple, SharePoint will propagate the changes to any other front end servers).  You just download the zip file and extract the files to a folder, it doesn't install anything there is just a .exe...

SharePoint performance tips

I attended the SharePoint Saturday today and attended a session on SharePoint optimal performance by Eric Shupps.  Here are a few of the tips I learned today. Have a separate server (not available to users) to host search indexes. Change the default SQL growth from 1 mb, 10% to 100 mb, 250%. Isolate the SharePoint DB, do not put any other databases on the same server as the SharePoint DB. Create custom scopes with unique crawl schedules. If you have a specific site that needs to crawled more often than the other sites Enable manual compression on IIS 6/7.  You will need to balance...

SharePoint myths

I was catching up on some blog reading and I was reading Eric Shupps blog post about SharePoint myths and item 3 (SharePoint  is not suitable for large internet facing sites) really hit home for me.  In March a large internet facing web site (for an oil and gas company) that I worked on went live.  I just checked and the site 1.3 million (and change) pages views for March.  That’s the biggest site I have ever worked on and SharePoint handles it wonderfully.  So there is an example of that myth being debunked.

SharePoint WSP right click add solution

For anyone doing SharePoint development I have one of the best tips I would recommend to anyone (a coworker of mine, Bo Cherry, found this tip).  You can add a solution with just right clicking on a WSP.  No more stsadm commands (mostly).  You have to edit your registry (don’t forget to back it up first), but it is well worth it.  From what I have seen, if you use the right click option, you have less trouble deploying solutions  than just using stsadm to deploy. Just open notepad, add the following code and save as a .reg file. Now double...

SharePoint 2010 preliminary requirements News about the next version of SharePoint, it going to be all 64bit.

SPSource, a SharePoint helper

Here is the link to SPSource on codeplex.  Basically it allows you create your sites/lists/content types/etc in the SharePoint UI and export it all out as CAML.  This is a big saver (if your using CAML for deployment) for site creation/deployment.   It is a command line tool that takes one input parameter, the url to your site.  It will create the xml files for you. This is much easier than hand coding the CAML for your site. Where I see this adding tremendous value is where you have a customer who you have deployed a SharePoint site for.  They make changes through...

SharePoint service pack 2 hotfix - expiration date

When you install SP 2 for SharePoint it will change the expiration date of SharePoint to be a trial product. This does not affect WSS 3.0. For a work around you can re-enter your product ID into Central Admin (but who knows their product id). Here is the link for x86 and here is the link for x64.

stsadm Technical Reference for SharePoint 2007

Micorosoft posted on TechNet a technical reference for stsadm (done with SilverLight).  Much easier to use than help from the command line.

Summay of changes with SharePoint 2010

Microsoft has been very quiet about the new features of SharePoint 2010, but they have finally started providing some info. They have produced some videos explaining some of the new changes here. I was going to watch them, but I did find a someone else who watched them and blogged about it. So here is a summary of the changes that Microsoft has announced. I did copy all this below from Craig Roth. I wanted it on my blog so I would be able to remember where it is. Sharepoint 2010 Overview (Tom Rizzo) Mentions how they...

SharePoint error in Event Log

If you notice the following error in the event, there is a simple fix. The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.ApplicationServerAdministrationServiceJob (ID c7f87cbb-e67d-44a2-9061-5321094aa81e) threw an exception. More information is included below.   Open Com Services and check the permissions on OSearch and IIS Admin Services. The WPG group need to have permissions on Local Launch and Local Activate.

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