August 2007 Entries
A performance comparison - .Net vs J2EE

I'm sure this will stir the debate between .Net vs J2EE.

Java's focus is portability and .Net's focus is interoperability.  Based on the results from the test - If portability is important then understand the costs.    

I'd like to see a similar comparison between WCF and SCA.  I'll be the first to admit that I don't know the difference between SCA and J2EE, but SCA seems to be more popular than J2EE these days. 

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Introduction to .NET 3.0 for Architects

Good overview of .Net 3.0...

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BizTalk Light = WCF + WF

Interesting post regarding BizTalk and/or other integration tools as overkill for some integration solutions.


I've had similar experiences with BizTalk and it is likely the same with other 'Enterprise' integration tools.  In other words, KISS and YAGNI.    


BizTalk Light to me is the ability to code/deploy to the orchestration, adapter, rules and BAM capabilities from within my application code.  Sometimes I need a dedicated, scalable and centralized solution.  Most of the time, I just need a handy and simple integration framework to code against.


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