September 2007 Entries
John Kanzius - Cure Cancer and turn Salt Water into Fuel


Spiltting water by electrolysis and creating hydrogen/oxygen gas, you can replace gasoline.

Check this out - and


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SCA and Microsoft Support

If you don't subscribe to David Chappell's blog, you should.  Once again he delivers a powerful and insightful post - "Why Microsoft Should Not Support SCA".

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Nice tip to speed up Tortoise SVN Cache


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Situational Leadership

Nick Malik posted an insightful post titled "When they are not ready" -

I agree with Nick statement, "Architectural roadmap's have to take things into account that extend far beyond technology." 

Architecture is about understanding people, technology and process.  You are doomed to failure if all you do is recite Gartner, Forrester, ZapThink and other resources with out taking into account "corporate culture, technical readiness, availability of talent, financial implications, deadlines, strategic directions, company policies and politics." tags:
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