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BS Management

I just came across an interesting product from Schema Logic called Enterprise Vocabulary and Metadata Management for SharePoint. 


They coined a term I’ve never heard in this context called BSM (Business Semantics Management).  Watch the video "What we do" from the home page; it almost seemed like a Saturday Night Live parody.


I can imagine the conversation going something like –


“Dave, what do you do for your company?” 

“I’m a BS Architect which manages the company’s BS”


LOL, you have to love a company with a sense of humor.

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CALM – Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management

The Application Lifecycle Management market is very competitive.  If you work for a large company, the stakes are higher as are the politics.  Rational, Borland, Collabnet, Microsoft, Agile, eXtreme programming, Waterfall, SCRUM, etc.  ALM tools and processes are a hotly debated topic between not only developers but management as well.  One thing is for sure - one size does not fit all.

One the one side you have a group that wants to reduce costs by stopping the proliferation tools/processes in use.  This group is usually in favor of top-down heavyweight tools, processes and standards.  On the other side, developers realize that software development is a process of creativity and construction rather than a process of control and management.  No matter which side you take or which ALM tool/process you follow.  ALM is fundamentally about collaboration and sharing information while developing/maintaining software.

CALM (Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management) is an acronym I coined today to describe the evolution of the ALM market to incorporate collaborative tools and methodologies into the software development lifecycle.

A few examples:

Microsoft Team Foundation Server -
Collabnet -
IBM Jazz -

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SDO support for .Net

Jean-Jacques Dubray of is becoming one of my favorite blogs.  I have only followed his blog the past couple of months.  I admire him because he is one of a few technologists that attempt to step back from the platform specific SOA implementations and discuss SOA from an agnostic viewpoint.  I just finished reading his book Composite Software Construction (  The book is easy to read and touches on several SOA topics as well as insight into the history of the WS-I standards.  It is free and certainly worth your time.  Jean-Jacques is also behind the WSPER specification, which he covers in his book (ref.  WSPER appears to have a lot of potential and something to keep an eye on.

While catching up with the thousands of blog subscriptions, my interests were peaked by a post from Jean-Jacques blog - Apparently, Xcalia offers an SDO API for both Java and .Net - SDO is similiar to the .Net DataSet but with a twist.  Jean-Jacques states in his book that the .Net DataSet is based on an Entity Relationship Model and SDO is based on the Hypergraph Data Model

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