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Partners, not police

Nice article on the fundamental challenges of EA in large organizations.  The author discusses common issues and recommendations with how EA organizations are structured and managed.
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Naked technology

Introducing new technology into an enterprise is very exciting – ESB, BPM, Service Registry, Metadata language, etc.  As technologist we quickly identify with the problem a new technology promises to address.  “If we only had a CBL”, or “We have a ton of web services – we need a registry so others can find these services”, etc.  However, a build it and they will come or technology first approach with out understanding the necessary organizational, process and ROI is a recipe for failure.  Technology can certainly be an agent for change in a positive way as long as we recognize the importance of people first and technology second. 

The quote below is from an article published in 2002 written by George F. Colony, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Forrester.          

“Deploying technology without changing process and organization will create little impact --and it often brings negative consequences. Naked technology wipes out productivity improvements, hurts return on investment, and dulls the bright edge of well-conceived strategies.”

You can download the article for free @,1317,15589,00.html

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Many Eyes: Browsing Visualizations

Another great site featuring ways to visualize data.

Many Eyes: Browsing Visualizations

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Microsoft Joins OMG

It doesn't appear that MS will focus on UML.  Instead, their focus is on MDA.  I think this is good news for the industry and MDA.  UML on the other hand?  The two most helpful UML diagrams are the sequence and deployment.

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Periodic table of visualization

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