Uncanny Valley: User Interface anti-pattern 

A couple of years ago, I blogged about an phenomenon called Bukimi no tani or Uncanny Valley.  Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror posted a blog expanding on Bill Higgins description of a User Interface anti-pattern.  The anti-pattern is where users experience Uncanny Valley expecting a web application and instead are given a desktop application. 

A web app that apes the conventions of a desktop application is attempting to cross the uncanny valley of user interface design. This is a bad idea for all the same reasons; the tiny flaws and imperfections of the simulation will be grossly magnified for users.”

Coding Horror: Avoiding The Uncanny Valley of User Interface

The Uncanny Valley of user interface design

All too often, I’ve seen corporate line of business applications fail to cross the uncanny valley by simulating a desktop application using JavaScript, Async requests and HTML.  Yes, I agree that AJAX frameworks have made things easier but they’ve not come close to jumping the uncanny valley.

If you plan to create a rich desktop application use Adobe Flex, SilverLight, or Smart Client Architecture

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