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Migrating Winforms to WPF (links to Info)

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WCF Multi-tier Services Development with LINQ

Interesting book coming out from one of my favorite publishers – PACKT Publishing.   WCF Multi-tier Services Development with LINQ Build SOA applications on the Microsoft platform in this hands-on guide Master WCF and LINQ concepts by completing practical examples and apply them to your real-world assignments First book to combine WCF and LINQ in a multi-tier real-world WCF service Ideal for beginners who want to build scalable, powerful, easy-to-maintain WCF services Rich with example code, clear explanations, interesting examples, and...

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Cheat sheet for patterns and practices Great cheat sheet of the Patterns and Practices work.

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REST Services and Metadata EndPoints in WCF Dan Rigsby posted an approach to exposing REST services metadata using mexHttpBinding.  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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Free book samples from MS Press

·         Linq ·         Ajax ·         Silverlight  

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ARIS and BizTalk Integration Press Release   Available sometime in 2008.    Future releases of BizTalk will use the .Net WF engine - just imagine the possibilities.  A free workflow engine that integrates with ARIS and can run on the desktop, app server, web server, SharePoint, MS Office & integration tier.  Not to mention the army of .Net developers in the market gaining experience on .Net WF development and the wave of blogs, code, wiki's and training available.

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SCA and Microsoft Support

If you don't subscribe to David Chappell's blog, you should.  Once again he delivers a powerful and insightful post - "Why Microsoft Should Not Support SCA".

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A performance comparison - .Net vs J2EE

I'm sure this will stir the debate between .Net vs J2EE. Java's focus is portability and .Net's focus is interoperability.  Based on the results from the test - If portability is important then understand the costs.     I'd like to see a similar comparison between WCF and SCA.  I'll be the first to admit that I don't know the difference between SCA and J2EE, but SCA seems to be more popular than J2EE these days. 

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Introduction to .NET 3.0 for Architects

Good overview of .Net 3.0...

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BizTalk Light = WCF + WF

Interesting post regarding BizTalk and/or other integration tools as overkill for some integration solutions.  I've had similar experiences with BizTalk and it is likely the same with other 'Enterprise' integration tools.  In other words, KISS and YAGNI.      BizTalk Light to me is the ability to code/deploy to the orchestration, adapter, rules and BAM capabilities from within my application code.  Sometimes I need a dedicated, scalable and centralized solution.  Most of the time, I just need a handy and simple integration framework to code against.  

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