Microsoft Joins OMG It doesn't appear that MS will focus on UML.  Instead, their focus is on MDA.  I think this is good news for the industry and MDA.  UML on the other hand?  The two most helpful UML diagrams are the sequence and deployment.

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CALM – Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management

The Application Lifecycle Management market is very competitive.  If you work for a large company, the stakes are higher as are the politics.  Rational, Borland, Collabnet, Microsoft, Agile, eXtreme programming, Waterfall, SCRUM, etc.  ALM tools and processes are a hotly debated topic between not only developers but management as well.  One thing is for sure - one size does not fit all. One the one side you have a group that wants to reduce costs by stopping the proliferation tools/processes in use.  This group is usually in favor of top-down heavyweight tools, processes and standards.  On the other side, developers realize...

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