Cheat sheet for patterns and practices Great cheat sheet of the Patterns and Practices work.

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Partners, not police   Nice article on the fundamental challenges of EA in large organizations.  The author discusses common issues and recommendations with how EA organizations are structured and managed.

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Microsoft Joins OMG It doesn't appear that MS will focus on UML.  Instead, their focus is on MDA.  I think this is good news for the industry and MDA.  UML on the other hand?  The two most helpful UML diagrams are the sequence and deployment.

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Periodic table of visualization

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The MOST acronym for strategy planning

I came across an interesting acronym called MOST – Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics.  Original source - MOST helps to clarify where the business intends to go (Mission), they key goals which will help to achieve this (Objectives), analyses what options there are for proceeding forward (Strategies) and how these strategies are going to be put into action (Tactics). The key is for this whole process to hang together from top to bottom and in reverse. From the top, clarifying the mission drives the objectives, which creates strategic options, which forces tactical actions. From the bottom, every action at tactical...

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Crazy Architects

Pest control is a constant battle especially if you live in Florida.  A few months ago, while tending the lawn I noticed several ants.  I promptly called the pest control service.  I learned later that the ants are known as crazy ants (Paratrechina longicornis) and common in Florida.  The name "crazy ant" arises from its characteristics of erratic, rapid movement and not following trails as often as other ants while foraging for food.  Similar to the characteristics of crazy ants, the term crazy architect describes an antipattern of enterprise architects.  Instead of foraging...

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A comprehensive analysis of BPM Suites

  After months of tweaking and review, our coverage of IBM's BPM technology offering is now live. It joins our coverage of Appian, BEA (we're keeping an eye on this, of course, and will update it as soon as is practical), Lombardi, Software AG and TIBCO. We've been working on this assessment since the autumn of 2007: the delay is mostly due to the breadth of IBM's portfolio (the assessment report runs to 33 pages, whereas most of the others come in around 20 pages) - combined with the fact that,...

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SDO support for .Net

Jean-Jacques Dubray of is becoming one of my favorite blogs.  I have only followed his blog the past couple of months.  I admire him because he is one of a few technologists that attempt to step back from the platform specific SOA implementations and discuss SOA from an agnostic viewpoint.  I just finished reading his book Composite Software Construction (  The book is easy to read and touches on several SOA topics as well as insight into the history of the WS-I standards.  It is free and certainly worth your time.  Jean-Jacques is also behind the WSPER specification, which he covers...

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Situational Leadership

Nick Malik posted an insightful post titled "When they are not ready" - I agree with Nick statement, "Architectural roadmap's have to take things into account that extend far beyond technology."  Architecture is about understanding people, technology and process.  You are doomed to failure if all you do is recite Gartner, Forrester, ZapThink and other resources with out taking into account "corporate culture, technical readiness, availability of talent, financial implications, deadlines, strategic directions, company policies and politics." tags: Architecture

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WCF and WebSphere MQ WebSphere MQ is certainly a market leader in the messaging domain.  WCF is wonderfully extensible and it was only a matter of time before IBM (or someone) released a custom WCF channel for MQ.  I wonder if we'll see other custom channels from Tibco or Sonic.

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