Business Rules Management System
Business Rules and Data validation

We're just beginning to implement iLog Rules for .Net at work.  A common debate is whether we should use a rules engine for validating data.  Certainly, one can use a rules engine for validating data but it seems like a misuse of the technology. In my mind, a business rule is a policy that governs a business action.  The data should already be valid before invoking the business rule/policy.  Of course, the business rule/policy must handle invalid data, ergo the ambiguity between data validation and business policy. For example, let's say you have a business policy that determines an action based on...

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The Rules Engine That Saved the Day (But not the Application…)

The Rules Engine That Saved the Day (But not the Application…) - I think at some level we all can relate to Rick Wagner's Business Rules Engine/Workflow story.

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Connected Framework Rules Team Blog

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BRMS and Commercial Lending   Yet another insightful post by James Taylor.   Highlights from post - Spending as little as possible on the approval (Cost) Deciding in a very small window - while someone is sitting talking in the dealership (Speed) But you cannot afford to lose track of your risk (Precision) And yet the competitive marketplace changes all the time (Agility) And customers are using the web to research all your offers before they go so you better not contradict yourself (Consistency)

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