Service Oriented Architecture
Identity Frameworks

Microsoft released Geneva beta 1 – an identify management solution which supports WS-Trust. An alternative to Geneva is WSO2 Identity Solution. I’m just coming up to speed on Geneva and in general the “Identity problem”.  Hopefully, I can spend more time on both Geneva and WSO2 identity solutions.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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XML Schema Versioning

Good article on XML Schema Versioning - work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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BS Management   I just came across an interesting product from Schema Logic called Enterprise Vocabulary and Metadata Management for SharePoint.    They coined a term I’ve never heard in this context called BSM (Business Semantics Management).  Watch the video "What we do" from the home page; it almost seemed like a Saturday Night Live parody.   I can imagine the conversation going something like –   “Dave, what do you do for your company?”  “I’m a BS Architect which manages the company’s BS”   LOL, you have to love a company with a sense of humor.

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SDO support for .Net

Jean-Jacques Dubray of is becoming one of my favorite blogs.  I have only followed his blog the past couple of months.  I admire him because he is one of a few technologists that attempt to step back from the platform specific SOA implementations and discuss SOA from an agnostic viewpoint.  I just finished reading his book Composite Software Construction (  The book is easy to read and touches on several SOA topics as well as insight into the history of the WS-I standards.  It is free and certainly worth your time.  Jean-Jacques is also behind the WSPER specification, which he covers...

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Guide to Versioning XML Languages using new XML Schema 1.1 features

Interesting guide from W3C on versioning XML languages.

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Schema First Development

If you work for a medium or large company chances are your environment is heterogeneous. If so, you need to make sure your web-services are platform agnostic.  The link below describes a design/development style as well as a few tools used for developing agnostic web-services and messages.

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Does SOA mean the end of OO?

Udi Dahan - responds with a thoughtful and insightful answer.

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.Net custom WSDL

I love the .Net FX and VS.Net.  However, there are times I think VS.Net tries to out smart you.  Sometimes this is great if you put your blinders on and just need to get something done.  Other times, not so great. I'm interested in creating my own WSDL's and/or how to manipulate the VS.Net code generator.  I found the MSDN articles below for future reference. Splitting up WSDL: The Importance of targetNamespace: Inside WSDL with .NET Attribution:

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A simple but practical explanation of SOA"That really got me thinking: So maybe SOA is just away of IT, Operations and Business being able to describe services needed to deliver success for the business! or just an elephant!"So simple my 9 year old and wife get it.  I've spent hours, weeks, months of effort trying to explain and define SOA using PowerPoint decks and debating with colleagues.  All this time it was just an elephant! 

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Open Source Service Buses

Reference: www.informationweek.comApache Software Foundation - ServiceMix 1.0MuleSource - Mule 1.3Iona Technologies - Celtix 1.0LogicBlaze - Fuse ESB 1.2Sun - OpenESB ProjectJBoss - ESBInfonatural Enterprise Service Bus

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