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Manipulating SharePoint Lists with Code

How do I create a custom list? 1: Guid listId = webSite.Lists.Add("Sample", "Sample List", SPListTemplateType.GenericList); 2: How to determine if a list already exists within an SPWeb? 1: public static bool DoesListExist(SPWeb web, String listName) 2: { 3: foreach (SPList list in web.Lists) 4: ...

posted @ Friday, October 3, 2008 5:15 AM | Feedback (3) | Filed Under [ SharePoint ]

Disposing of SharePoint Objects

The .NET Framework allows developers to write managed code.  The term managed refers to how memory is handled by a computer system.  For example, C/C++ code is commonly known as unmanaged because developers must allocate and de-allocate memory.  In contrast, the .NET Framework provide a mechanism known as the Garbage Collector (GC) to de-allocate or collect object no longer in use. I have found it particularly helpful to consider SharePoint a very large ASP.NET Application.  If you can visualize SharePoint as an ASP.NET application it becomes familiar and relatable.  If you begin to deconstruct SharePoint you will notice that it is...

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