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MSDN Webcast: Knee-Jerk Reactions to Proactive Solutions: Improved SharePoint Performance

What:MSDN Webcast: Knee-Jerk Reactions to Proactive Solutions: Improved SharePoint PerformanceAttend this webcast to learn one dozen easy-to-implement performance tips for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. We discuss a wide range of topics from adjusting out-of-the-box settings to identifying memory leaks in custom code. We also describe several ways to proactively improve the user experience and squeeze more performance out of a SharePoint Server farm. Anyone currently designing a SharePoint Server implementation can benefit from this webcast.When:Friday, July 10, 2009 12:00 PMWhere:MSDN Web Cast Live Meeting Technorati Tags: Presentation,SharePoint Performance,MSDN Web Cast,ASP.NET MVP

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Presenting at .NET Developers Association (Tonight)

Details: I’m @ the MVP Summit this week in Redmond and was invited by Budy Djunaedi Speakers Coordinator .Net Developers Assoc. to Speak tonight at 7 PM. I will be co presenting with fellow MVP Caleb Jenkins.  Acknowledgements: I would like to thank my MVP lead Suzanna Moran for helping to arrange this opportunity.  I would also like to thank my presentation coach Shari Alexander for helping me prepare for this presentation.  Presentation: From Knee Jerk Reactions to Proactive Solutions - 12 Tips for Improving SharePoint Performance Where: Microsoft Redmond Campus - Building 40 Cafe, Steptoe Room Technorati Tags: SharePoint Presentation,SharePoint Performance,MOSS 2007

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