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Updating ASP.NET Labels with JavaScript

When building custom server controls sometimes it is nice to eliminate the need for a post back.  I say nice but not necessarily easy.  Perhaps you would like to enter dollar amounts into textboxes within grid rows and display the total on the last row all without a post back.  This really isn't that hard using a little Java Script.   For example, you can use the OnChange event for the ASP.NET Textbox control to call a JavaScript function to update the total.  However, what I found a little challenging was figuring out how to access an ASP.NET Label control via Java Script.  This control renders as a html tag.  After some Google searching I found a method that works quite well.

Let's say you have a label control where the id=Errors.  It will essentially render as .  You can access and change the text of this label via Java Script as follows:

document.getElementById('Errors').innerHTML = 'Must be a numeric value';

The above line of code will work in IE5, IE6, NS6

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