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Best Practices Analyzer w/ ASP.NET Plugin

Many interesting projects are showing up on such as the [BestPracticesAnalyzer].  This tool is an engine for analyzing applications for Best Practices Compliance.  The tool is Shared Source and is architected using a "Plug-In" design.  This means the tool is easily extendible via new Plug-Ins and rules.

This tool reminds me of FxCop but seems to analyze more than .NET Framework best practices.  It seems the goal of the tool is to be more specific and review the application based on the type of application it is.  For example, the [BestPracticesAnalyzer] comes bundled with an ASP.NET 2.0 Plug-In.  Perhaps in the future we will see a Smart Client Plug-In, a WF Plug-In, and a WCF Plug-In?


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