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Microsoft Launches

Microsoft recently launched  The new sites helps further the vision for Office Bussiness Applications (OBA) as platform for developing Line of Business Applications. The site features a few Microsoft Partners that are already building OBA's.

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Ruthless Interview

As many friends and colleagues know my wife and I are pregnant with our first child, a little girl.  As a result we have decided to relocate to Tulsa, OK.  Yes, we are heading to Tulsa to be near family.  Most of my wife's family is from Tulsa and my parents relocated their several years ago for work.  Anticipating this move I have been actively interviewing with many local companies. Interviewing is always a stressful process.  However, I couldn't believe the general tone of a third round interview I had tonight.  The interview started off quite pleasant but quickly turned almost...

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Tampa 2007 Code Camp OBA Slides

I want to thank everyone who attended my session on Saturday.  I had been sick all week and was still feeling quite run down but we had some great discussions.  Office Business Applications (OBA) are really an excited way to look at developing or extending line-of-business applications.  As promised here are my slides and some important OBA links.Download Tamp 2007 Code Camp OBA PresentationSupply Chain Management OBA Reference PackLoan Origination Reference Pack

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Thoughts On Recursion

Recursion is a computer science concept in which a method / function essentially calls itself until some condition is met.  Recursion can be an elegant solution to some logic problems.  However, I believe there are some potential dangers in using recursion that should carefully be consider.  Recursion is not an impossible concept to grasp it is just one that takes some thought.  The skill level of those maintaining an application should be considered before implementing recursion as it is a more advanced programming concept and could lead to serious performance issues of not implement correctly. namespace RecursionTest { class...

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TechEd Reflections

I know I'm quite late in posting a review of TechEd I just hope you'll forgive the delay and find value in some of my comments.  Besides Code Camps I haven't been to a large technical conference since the MVP Summit in March.  I must say TechEd is quite an amazing event.  The sheer scale of the event is jaw dropping.  I mean Microsoft is literally able to rent out theme parks! Anyway, I was not able to attend the event for the entire week due to work conflicts.  However, I did find myself making the Jax-Orlando commute several days.  It goes without...

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