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Manipulating SharePoint Groups With Code

SPWeb.Groups and SPWeb.SiteGroups WSS 3.0 deprecates the site group concept used in WSS 2.0.  As a result manipulating groups and security objects through the object model can be less than obvious. For Example, a developer may try to add a group to a sub site (SPWeb) using this syntax SPWeb.Groups.Add(Group Name). However, in WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 this code will result in the following error: “You cannot add a group directly to the Groups collection. You can add a group to the SiteGroups collection.” To resolve this error and create a group use the following object model syntax:  SPWeb.SiteGroups.Add().  This...

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Manipulating SharePoint Lists with Code

How do I create a custom list? 1: Guid listId = webSite.Lists.Add("Sample", "Sample List", SPListTemplateType.GenericList); 2: How to determine if a list already exists within an SPWeb? 1: public static bool DoesListExist(SPWeb web, String listName) 2: { 3: foreach (SPList list in web.Lists) 4: ...

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Bartlesville SHarePoint User Group

Shane Carter has founded the Bartlesville SharePoint User Group which is a sister group to the newly founded Bartlesville .NET User Group.  The group's web site is  I will present tomorrow at the SharePoint group's lunch time meeting.  Details below:   Date: October 3rd at 11:30 AM.We will be meeting at the Information Center (IC) building on 511 S. Keeler in room 625. Speaker: Dennis J. Bottjer will be presenting "Tips for Improving SharePoint Performance".Agenda:11:30-11:45 Grab your lunch provided by Astra Solutions.11:45-12:30 Technical Presentation.12:30-12:45 Door prizes and wrap up. Technorati Tags: SharePoint,UserGroup,SharePoint Presentation

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