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SPDisposeCheck Released Aid Sharepoint developers

Microsoft has released v1.3.1 of the SPDisposeCheck Utility.  This utility helps developers working with the SharePoint object model make sure the code they are writing is properly disposing of objects.  Properly, disposing of SharePoint Objects can be a little tricky because it is sometime obfuscated when new SharePoint Objects are instantiated.  Additionally, many SharePoint objects are wrappers to unmanaged objects. Technorati Tags: SharePoint,SPDispose,SharePoint Object Disposal

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Publishing (WCM) | Forgotten Reports

As developers we are so used to having multiple ways to accomplish a given task.  It should come as no surprise that SharePoint offer us the same opportunities :)... For example, I have been involved in the Architecture and development of several public facing MOSS 2007 sites.  As a result our team at SpringPoint Technologies has become quite familiar with the capabilities of Publishing.  Unfortunately, when it comes to checking/viewing the status of published content I have often just navigated to the pages library and check the status of a page.  The irony is I completely forgot about the built...

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Malicious Software Removal Tool Update (Win32/Conficker.b)

I received the following information from my MVP Lead Suzanna.  She asked that we pass it on to help reduce infections. Malicious Software Removal Tool History: Win32/Conficker.B Abstract: Based on feedback from MVP's and other sources, we are concerned about the rise in reported infections due to the worm Win32/Conficker.B also known as “Downadup.”  Though systems which have already applied the out-of-band released MS08-067 in October 2008 are protected, un-patched system user have experienced system lockout and other problems.  Last week, we released a version of the Malicious Software Removal tool (MSRT) that can help remove variants of Win32/Conficker and other resources.  Please share...

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Microsoft Patterns & Practices | Sharepoint Guidance webcast

Description: The Microsoft patterns & practices (p&p) team is responsible for delivering applied engineering guidance that helps software architects, developers, and their teams take full advantage of Microsoft's platform technologies in their custom application development efforts. Starting January 21, they will be hosting a monthly technical sessions over live meeting. Project Site: Ref: SharePoint Guidance Site Event Details: For January's session, p&p team will be presenting their recently released SharePoint Guidance. Click to Join Web Cast January 21 at 10:00 AM PST Troubleshooting:Launch the Office Live Meeting client and join the meeting by clicking Start, clicking All Programs, clicking...

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Issue: Regular Expression are quite power especially for validation purposes.  Classic examples include password and email validation.  However, regular expressions are usually something developers get to work then forget about.  I don't work with regular expression everyday so I don't bother memorizing the syntax.  So when I do need to use a regular expression in code I usually end up searching the web for an example. Solution: A coworker here at SpringPoint Technologies turned me on to Expresso, a free regular expressions authoring tool. Technorati Tags: Regular Expressions,Expresso

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Kansas City Sharepoint Saturday February 7th

Becky Isserman runs the Kansas City Office Geeks User Group and is helping to organize a FREE, all day SharePoint training event, on February 7th.  The event is SharePoint Saturday and registration is still open.  Several SharePoint guru's from Oklahoma and surrounding states will be in attendance. David McCoullough and I have submitted two sessions.  The first is on improving SharePoint performance and the second is about enabling variations to support Multilingual Portal Requirements. Kansas City is that far a drive from Tulsa and this is a great opportunity to network and see how others are using SharePoint. Technorati Tags:...

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Tulsa SharePoint Special Interest Group Meeting Monday January 12 2009

Event: Tulsa SharePoint Interest Group meeting on Monday, January 12th, 2009! Speaker: Chris McLean Topic: 3 Headed Dogs that ARF! About the Presenter: Chris McLean is a MCPD: Windows Application Developer & MCTS: MOSS 2007 Configuration and is currently working for Atlas Pipeline Mid-Continent on a nice sized MOSS & K2 farm. Chris will be giving presenting: 3 headed dogs that ARF! A troubleshooting checklist for kerberos and how to build Sharepoint sites that don't blow chunks w/ ARF! A quick tour of pitfalls w/ Kerberos, why you should use it anyway, what can go wrong...

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Windows HPC 2008 SuperComputer, Snags 10th Place on SuperComputer Top 500

The Dawning 5000A is the 10th fastest super computer in the world and it runs Windows HPC 2008 as an operating system.  The system uses AMD x86-64 Opteron Quad Core Processors and has 122880 GB of memory. Ref: Technorati Tags: Windows 2008,Windows Super Computer,Dawning 5000A

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