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SharePoint Saturday Tulsa Reviewed

Saturday March 28th 2009 was our second annual School of Dev and first ever SharePoint Saturday.  We had over 80 people in attendance despite a snow storm.  Only one speaker ended up canceling which was truly amazing considering the weather. For me the day began by dropping off two boxes of books that would later be given away as prizes.  I then joined Steve Walker for a Panel QA Discussion Session.  We were joined by Cory Roth and Chris Barba.  We had some great questions around designing a SharePoint Farm and Site Structure.  My favorite part of...

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How To Expose TFS 2008 Work Items using Web Access

Issue: We wanted to exposes work items, bugs, etc. to the customer without exposing all the other Web Access Tabs such as Source, Documents, and Builds. Solution: Team System Web Access SP1 Team System Web Access SP1 adds an additional virtual directory named “wiwa” which stands for work item web access.  This new virtual directory is accessible on port 8090 by default and exposes a special work item only view which was exactly what we wanted. TFS Web Access supports both forms based authentications and Windows Authentications.     Technorati Tags: TFS 2008,TSWA,WIWA,TFS 2008 Web Access

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Presenting at .NET Developers Association (Tonight)

Details: I’m @ the MVP Summit this week in Redmond and was invited by Budy Djunaedi Speakers Coordinator .Net Developers Assoc. to Speak tonight at 7 PM. I will be co presenting with fellow MVP Caleb Jenkins.  Acknowledgements: I would like to thank my MVP lead Suzanna Moran for helping to arrange this opportunity.  I would also like to thank my presentation coach Shari Alexander for helping me prepare for this presentation.  Presentation: From Knee Jerk Reactions to Proactive Solutions - 12 Tips for Improving SharePoint Performance Where: Microsoft Redmond Campus - Building 40 Cafe, Steptoe Room Technorati Tags: SharePoint Presentation,SharePoint Performance,MOSS 2007

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