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SharePoint Search Tips

Issue: How to prevent content such as list and document libraries from being indexed? Solution: Open the Advanced Settings for a SharePoint List. Check the “No” for “Allow items from this document library to appear in search results?” Note: SharePoint’s Object Model can also be used to programmatically set the list’s NoCrawl Property to false. Additional Information: Follow me on twitter @dbottjer Related Posts: Manipulating SharePoint Lists with Code 403 Error When Accessing...

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Why Silverlight?

Why Silverlight? What is Silverlight?   Version 3 of Microsoft Silverlight is on the horizon and there are still some misconceptions regarding why Silverlight exists.  Before answering the “Why Silverlight” question we need to understand what Silverlight is.  Silverlight, is often compared to Flash because of its vector graphics and animation capabilities.  However, Silverlight also provides access to a subset of .NET Framework Base Classes.  So this means that complete applications can be developed using Silverlight, with various...

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Automated Web Testing with Visual Studio 2008

Tulsa Developers User Group | Automated Web Testing with Visual Studio 2008 (Review) Corey Roth presented tonight on automated web testing with Visual Studio 2008 at the Tulsa Developers User Group.  Visual Studio can be used to record an action such as logging into a web application.  Alternatively, users can inspect screen values for specific results.  The test would pass if the expect value is present and fail if the value is missing.  Visual Studio must be installed to execute the tests.   A tests project actually generates .NET Code (C# or VB.NET).  The tool can also be...

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News: Windows 7, Sharepoint Designer

Window 7 Release Candidate Due April 30th Windows 7 Release Candidate is expected to be available for download through MSDN and TechNet on April 30th, 2009. Ref: Windows Team Blog - Windows 7 Release Candidate Update Also Of Interest: The Windows 7 team also comment how “At the peak of the feedback cycle, we were receiving a “Send Feedback” report every 15 seconds for an entire week.”   SharePoint Designer now Free! As SharePoint continues to increase in popularity, Microsoft announced SharePoint Designer is now available as a free download....

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Event: Tulsa .NET User Group April 27th Corey Roth on Automated Web Testing

When: April 27th, 2009 Where: TCC (Tulsa Community College) Northeast Campus 3727 East Apache Tulsa, OK 74115 918-594-8000 Intro Presentation: Geek Speak: How Geeks Can Communicate with the Rest of the Business World Business Presentation Strategist Shari Alexander is going to share with use the secrets behind successful presentations. She will help you become more persuasive and influential in your communications and, more importantly, show you how to create a technical presentation that doesn't make your listeners' heads hurt. Come and...

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STL Moss CAMP 2009 Review

SharePoint | St. Louis MOSS Camp 2009 Reviewed After running into Becky Isserman at almost every SharePoint event this year, I finally had the chance to attend her “Dazzling SharePoint with Silverlight” presentation.  In her presentation she demonstrated how to use tools such as blend and designer from expression suite.  What I learned: Install MOSS / WSS SP1 and Infrastructure Rollup before using Silverlight within SharePoint Recommended resource: Silverlight cannot reference the SharePoint object model directly Silverlight only supports basicHttpBinding...

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SharePoint Performance Talk At MOSS Camp

MOSS Camp 2009 Presentation | 12 Tips for Improving SharePoint Performance I’m speaking this afternoon at  the St. Louis MOSS Camp 2009.  I’ll be giving my SharePoint Performance presentation “From Knee Jerk Reactions to Proactive Solutions - 12 Tips for Improving SharePoint Performance.”  If you’re in the area please join us.  There is a great group of speakers presenting today including fellow Tulsan David Walker and KC Office Geeks Leader Becky Isserman. Hope To See you at MOSS Camp! For More on MOSS Camp follow me on Twitter @dbottjer Download Available: From Knee Jerk Reactions to Proactive Solutions | A Dozen Tips for Improved...

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Talking SharePoint Best Practices with Spence Harbar

SharePoint Best Practices Chat with Spencer Harbar Background: I met Spencer Harbar (SharePoint MVP) at the 2009 MVP Summit.  My friend AC introduced us.  Spencer and Andrew both recently spoke at the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference. Spencer was kind enough to take a few minutes to chat about his slide deck he made available.  The following is a transcript of our conversation:   Spence says: dbottjer says: ok, so for SSP's your saying that a common myth is that the SSP should be on a deadicated box? ...

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SharePOint: Excessive SPRequests Objects

Issue: SharePoint Sites may log “Excessive SPRequest Objects,” under normal use. When I first saw this message I began thinking the worst… somewhere in our code we are not disposing of objects.  The Good News: Well after some deeper research it turns out the “Excessive SPRequest Objects” message is often logged by SharePoint because "The default threshold to get the above warning is 8 - which is actually far too small for real life scenarios as we have seen that with navigation controls on your master pages you will for sure exceed this number". ...

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Rad Editor AND the MOSS Image Manager

Configure the RAD Editor Lite to use the MossImageManager The RAD Editor Lite is a common replacement for the out-of-the-box MOSS 2007 Rich Text Editor.  The RAD editor is really quite feature rich.  However, on a recent project we didn’t like how the RAD Editor was handling image uploads through the editor.  After a little digging through some help docs we found out you can easily configure the RAD Editor to use the default MOSS Image Manager.  Solution: To use the MOSS Image Manager you need to modify the ListToolsFiles.xml file under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web...

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Enable IIS 6 Compression for SharePoint

How to Enable IIS 6.0 Compression for SharePoint: Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS) has long support HTTP Compression.  However, supporting and implementing compression are two different things.  Many settings within IIS are easily configured from the IIS Admin GUI.  Unfortunately, enabling and configuring compression is not supported through the GUI and requires editing the IIS Metabase.  THe metabase can be edited manually or updated from a command prompt.  The commands can be combine into the following script: Script: cd c:\inetpub\adminscripts REM Turn On Compression cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/filters/compression/parameters/HcDoDynamicCompression true ...

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TFS 2008 Get Latest Automatically

Issue: Ensure your code is the latest before a check out. Not working with the latest code often creates a confusing situation for a developers trying to debug misbehaving code.  Furthermore, it becomes very important to get latest changes and merge differences when working on a project with many dependencies.    Solution: David McCollough my friend and co-worker showed me how to automatically ensure getting latest upon checkout by performing the following steps: Launch Visual Studio 2008 Click Tools->Options Expand the Source Control section ...

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Increase SharePoint execution Timeout

Execution Timeout Issue: After six minutes (360 seconds) of execution a SharePoint page will timeout.  Now for most situations a six minute execution timeout seems very generous.  However, it is likely that this default execution timeout may be reached during such tasks as Feature Activation.  Features are activated from a SharePoint Application Page and unless specially coded (not likely) a Feature will execute code in a synchronous manor.  Features containing code to create nested site hierarchies can be quite time consuming.  Solution: SharePoint uses a web.config located under: Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS to set the default executionTimeout.  The default executionTimeout (See Below)...

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Tulsa SharePoint Interest Group Meeting | One Night Three Presentations!

Date: Monday April 13, 2009 Time: 6:00 pm Speakers: Sheri Alexander, Eric Gesinski, Dennis Bottjer Topics: 1) Shari - Geek Speak: How Geeks Can Communicate with the Rest of the Business World 2) Eric - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for SharePoint. 3) Dennis - Avoiding Common SharePoint Mistakes Location: TCC (Tulsa Community College) Northeast Campus 3727 East Apache Tulsa, OK 74115 Note: The Tulsa SharePoint interest Group will meet on April 13th in the NEC Board Room. This room is in the main Administration Building on the south side of the building (enter and turn right instead of left). Cost: Free Geek Speak: How Geeks Can Communicate with the Rest of...

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Oklahoma City SQL Server Developers Group Kick Off Meeting

Oklahoma City has a new user group thanks to the hard work of Kristin Ferrier.  The Oklahoma City SQL Server Developers Group will meet monthly.  The Group’s first meeting is Monday April 13th.  See details below:   Event Details: We are excited to invite you to the first meeting of the Oklahoma City SQL Server Developers Group! Mike Hotek, former SQL Pass speaker, has graciously agreed to be our first speaker. Topic: Q&A with Mike Hotek (open topics are Database Administration and T-SQL in both SQL Server 2005 and 2008) Mike will be open to...

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Virtual PC 2007 Console Stuck in Task Bar

Problem: Tonight I couldn’t maximize my Virtual PC 2007 Console.  I tried right clicking on the minimized menu but no options would display. Solution: Exit Virtual PC 2007 Delete the Options.xml file located under %appdata%\Microsoft\Virtual PC\ Restart Virtual PC2007 Ref:

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ASP.NET MVP Again on April Fools… No Joke!

I just received notification that I am now a three time Microsoft ASP.NET MVP. Dear Dennis Bottjer, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2009 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. Also in this email: About your MVP Award Gift How to access to get your technical subscription benefits Your MVP Identification Number MVP Award Program Code of Conduct The Microsoft MVP Award provides us the unique opportunity to celebrate and honor your significant contributions and say "Thank you for...

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