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SharePoint Where is the Developer Dashboard?


SharePoint 2010 has a greatly improved development story.  Part of that story is the addition of the Developer Dashboard.  When activated a dashboard is added to the bottom each page that surfaces important debugging and performance tuning information. 

image For example, the developer dashboard will show how long a page took to load and all database (stored procedure) calls associated with the page processing.

To Enable the SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard:

Execute the following stsadm command from the command prompt.

stsadm -o setproperty -pn developer-dashboard -pv ondemand

Note:   Remember to run the command prompt as administrator :) 


On – The developer dashboard is created every time a page is rendered.  It is displayed at the bottom of the page follow all page content.

Off – The developer developer dashboard is not added to pages.

OnDemand – An icon is added to the top right corner of the menu bar that toggles the displaying of the Developer Dashboard

image “Top Right Corner of Menu Bar”

image “Click the SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard Icon” to show or hide the dashboard at the bottom of the page.

Note: The developer dashboard is currently available as part of SharePoint 2010 Foundation and SharePoint 2010 Server.



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Wow, I have heard about this coming, but this is my first view of it. It is a lot more than I expected. Maybe I won't have to open up profiler anymore to see where my bottlelnecks are, or figure out exaclty which part is causing the problem on the page.
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# re: SharePoint Where is the Developer Dashboard?

Hey thanks sir. I have been pondering on this as I am a newbie at Sharepoint and now I am reading about it.
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# re: SharePoint Where is the Developer Dashboard?

Thanks. That’s great info for a newbie like me. I even like how you segmented your blog clearly… I’m still trying to get mine that focused. I guess it’s all a work in progress.
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