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Perhaps – Stop, Think, Dev SharePoint?

Reference: Putting the Brakes on SharePoint with JQuery


I remember the dinner conversation and follow-up emails quite well.  Eric was kind enough to share his opinions and experiences further explaining some points I was confused on.  Once we dropped the thread, it seemed more more a lesson in communication and properly articulating a point then a technical debate for me.   Thinking back to the original dinner conversation I wish I had articulated my point more clearly. For after an email or two it became clear that we were saying many of the same things just slightly different. 


JQuery is just a tool that can be used to solve a problem.  It is not always the right tool.  In the example Eric uses he demonstrates a solution where the want to use JQuery outweighs the benefit provided.  As a result performance was impacted. 


It would seem obvious not to use JQuery for such a style modification and accomplish it via CSS.  Unfortunately, too often this is not what happens.  Basically, we fall into the situation where to a hammer everything looks like a nail.  The core of the issue is developing on autopilot and not thinking about what is being developed. 


I guess I reminded of a statement my friend Roy often makes “…there’s no patch for stupid.”

Long Story Short:

  • I agree 100% with everything Eric states.
  • There is a HUGE potential for overuse and abuse with JQuery.  I would even add-in FLASH, Sliverlight, etc.
  • As Covey’s 7 Habits suggest “Know your outcome.”
    • What problem are you trying to solve?
    • How many concurrent users do you need to support?
    • Think (Design) before you do.
    • Test, Test, Test (Visual Studio Stress Test, Yahoo YSlow)


Just some additional thoughts.  Hope they added some value.  If you have anything to add to the conversation please leave a comment.

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# re: Perhaps – Stop, Think, Dev SharePoint?

Everyone seems to treat JQuery as the latest silver bullet.
Yeah it can do lots of cool stuff, but everything has disadvantages.

Just remember it's all fun in games until someone gets hurt.

12/22/2009 2:14 PM | chrisbarba

# Follow-Up on JQuery and SharePoint Performance

Body: My initial post on the use of JQuery with SharePoint has generated a great deal of discussion
12/29/2009 10:15 PM | SharePoint MVP Blogs

# Client side code vs. server side code in SharePoint Implementations

There has been some great discussion of late in the community about client side code vs. server side code....

# re: Perhaps – Stop, Think, Dev SharePoint?

.NET to SharePoint. Maybe it is the fact that SharePoint gives you so much beyond plain vanilla ASP.NET, that it gets both techies .
2/24/2010 4:09 AM | Website Marketing

# re: Perhaps – Stop, Think, Dev SharePoint?

I am not familiar with JQuery tool so can you please elaborate it more??
3/24/2010 6:39 AM | Parking In Manhattan

# re: Perhaps – Stop, Think, Dev SharePoint?

Hi Parking In Manhattan,

JQuery is a popular open source JavaScript framework. Basically it makes working with JavaScript much easier. It is cross browser compatible meaning it supports IE, FireFox, etc so as a developer you don't have to worry about your JavaScript working with different browsers. JQuery is also very light weight which is very good for performance.
3/25/2010 12:29 PM | dbottjer

# re: Perhaps – Stop, Think, Dev SharePoint?

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4/7/2010 5:02 AM | MODULAR HOMES IN NC

# re: Perhaps – Stop, Think, Dev SharePoint?

That is the perfect idea and what particular about it is that all the main points and concerning issues are placed together.
4/8/2010 3:38 AM | flex developers
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