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Office Business Applications and Visual Studio Tools for Office
Microsoft Launches

Microsoft recently launched  The new sites helps further the vision for Office Bussiness Applications (OBA) as platform for developing Line of Business Applications. The site features a few Microsoft Partners that are already building OBA's.

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Tampa 2007 Code Camp OBA Slides

I want to thank everyone who attended my session on Saturday.  I had been sick all week and was still feeling quite run down but we had some great discussions.  Office Business Applications (OBA) are really an excited way to look at developing or extending line-of-business applications.  As promised here are my slides and some important OBA links.Download Tamp 2007 Code Camp OBA PresentationSupply Chain Management OBA Reference PackLoan Origination Reference Pack

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Office Business Applications Architecture Talk With Colin Cole

The following conversation is a conversation with Microsoft Financial Services Sr. Architect Colin Cole discussing Office Business Applications (OBA).  This is a new type of blog post for me and a Drowning In Technical Debt first.  I hope to conduct similar conversations in the future.  Finally, I would like to thank Colin for making time to have this conversation with me.dbottjer says: So I figured a good place to start would be with a definition.  What is OBA?  I did some research and here is what I came up with. Office Business Applications (OBA) use the Microsoft Office Suite of...

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