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TFS 2008

SQL Reporting Services Error Installing TFS 2010

Over the weekend I spun up a new virtual machine for a practice TFS 2010 Installation.  The TFS installation process is much improved.  It can loosely be broken into two phases which are installation and configuration.  The installation is the easy part which basically prepares the server and copies some bits to the drive.  The configuration is a little more difficult but provides some guidance to help make the important decisions.  During the configuration you make the following three key decisions. Install WSS 3.0 or use an existing SharePoint installation Install SQL Express...

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TFS 2008 Get Latest Automatically

Issue: Ensure your code is the latest before a check out. Not working with the latest code often creates a confusing situation for a developers trying to debug misbehaving code.  Furthermore, it becomes very important to get latest changes and merge differences when working on a project with many dependencies.    Solution: David McCollough my friend and co-worker showed me how to automatically ensure getting latest upon checkout by performing the following steps: Launch Visual Studio 2008 Click Tools->Options Expand the Source Control section ...

posted @ Tuesday, April 14, 2009 5:36 AM | Feedback (2) | Filed Under [ TFS 2008 Tips-n-Tricks ]

How To Expose TFS 2008 Work Items using Web Access

Issue: We wanted to exposes work items, bugs, etc. to the customer without exposing all the other Web Access Tabs such as Source, Documents, and Builds. Solution: Team System Web Access SP1 Team System Web Access SP1 adds an additional virtual directory named “wiwa” which stands for work item web access.  This new virtual directory is accessible on port 8090 by default and exposes a special work item only view which was exactly what we wanted. TFS Web Access supports both forms based authentications and Windows Authentications.     Technorati Tags: TFS 2008,TSWA,WIWA,TFS 2008 Web Access

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