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Windows 2008 Server Logon Hang

An interesting event occurred recently in a lab environment of a SharePoint Farm I was working on. This Farm (Moss 2007, Svr 2008, SQL 2008) was a medium farm scaled out in a virtual environment (VMWare)…If memory serves me we had some maintenance to perform on the VM Host which required us to shutdown all guests on this host. I figured this wasn’t a big deal since I had a fresh install of a functioning farm so I gave the VM admin the nod to take us down. Now we fast forward to the fun part…VM maintenance complete…Time to boot up the servers, up comes the SQL cluster, now the APP, then the Index, and last but not least the front ends.

As I “attempt” to log in I notice the WFE seems to be hung on the “Applying Computer Settings”…I’m not talking just a few minute hang, I’m talking an hour plus. After calling everyone in my rolodex (very short list) I had to call our pals at MSFT. Of course secretly I was hoping this was Kerberos issue since that meant I didn't have to solve it :-) (sorry Eric)

Anyway after days with MSFT their solution of course is to boot into safe mode and disable every service that isn’t already enabled in the normal startup via regedit…. I’m thinking “GREAT PLAN! Why did I call you again?"

As MSFT support was in their second day of diagnosis I noticed the following Microsoft KB article which mentioned certain essential services such as GP Client, DNS, Etc would not start automatically because of a deadlock between Service Control Manager and HTTP.SYS  - This fit the observed behavior…Let’s try the fix in the KB…

Now for the fix

    1. Boot Into SafeMode
    2. Open Registry Editor
    3. Navigate to HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HTTP and create the following Multi-string value: DependOnService
    4. Double click the new DependOnService value that you created
    5. Enter CRYPTSVC in the Value Data field and click OK
    6. Reboot Server in normal Mode


This event took three days from my life, days I can never regain so I offer this seemly simple fix yet buried solution in hopes I can save someone else.

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# re: Windows 2008 Server Logon Hang

This saved me, thanks so much for posting it!!!!!!! You rock!!!!!
7/12/2010 5:23 PM | Jeff Prouse

# re: Windows 2008 Server Logon Hang

You are welcome Jeff, I'm thrilled to see I'm not the only one who stumbles across these MSFT landmines.
7/13/2010 11:41 AM | Greg Tate

# re: Windows 2008 Server Logon Hang

Thanks, this saved me as well. Your three "lost" days have surely benefited at least two other people.
7/20/2010 7:37 AM | Dimitris

# re: Windows 2008 Server Logon Hang

I can't even begin to thank you enough! This saved me!
7/21/2010 2:06 PM | Apryl

# re: Windows 2008 Server Logon Hang

It took 3 days from my life too. If only Microsoft would explain it as well as you. Why the heck isn't this part of a Windows Update by now?

I figured it out by installing things one at a time, rebooting, then snapshoting the VM until the hang occurred. I discovered that the hang would occur after installing the SSL cert in IIS. The system would reboot and hang on "Applying Computer Settings", "Applying Group Policy", or "Installing updates 3 of 3, 0%" depending on where in the server build process I rebooted. I started completely over twice building this system before I decided to use snapshots to narrow down the culprit.

Thanks for posting this!
10/5/2010 10:11 PM | Eric

# re: Windows 2008 Server Logon Hang

Awesome Thank You. I was getting ready to try a repair install but that hangs too... I just had moved about 7 sites to this replacement web server and was not looking forward to doing it again.
5/12/2011 11:50 AM | Leon

# re: Windows 2008 Server Logon Hang

You RULE!!!! I have spent days upon days looking at a similar error with a product called PerfectForms. It was hanging on "Applying 802.3 Group Policy".

This took care of it. THANK YOU for sharing the love. I owe you a beer...
3/20/2012 3:26 PM | Robert

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