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Troubleshooting SharePoint Approval Workflow

Recently I was helping someone with a troubleshooting a stock Approval Workflow within a document library. Their request was simple…”Help!” They continued with…”My workflow used to work but all of sudden has stopped notifying people until the task is overdue…not sure when this changed but I need help now.”  If this sounds familiar then read on.

Since we all know SharePoint never just stops (ha ha) I figured I needed to drop down and look at the little things, never know it just might work. That said the task list was enabled to send mail upon creation and long story short I had to hit the forums for advice, after all everything seemed in order, even the little things.

The point of this post is to give props to a very helpful blog post by Steve Chen where SharePoint 2007 alerts are explained in some very good detail and another to a the creators of the SharePoint Manager on codeplex.

As it turns out the solution to the problem here was using the SharePoint manager to set the EnableToAssignEmail flag to “False”, wait for the timer job to run (after we used stsadm to verify job-immediate-alerts were set), and then using the manager tool to reset the EnableToAssignEmail flag back to “True”. One important note here is to make sure you hit save…otherwise it’s not going to write to SharePoint.


It would also be wise to remember you are using a tool that can seriously, and rather easily cause some harm to SharePoint if used by someone unfamiliar.

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