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Recently I had the opportunity to demo the SP1 edition of Microsoft's SharePoint Productivity Hub. The environment had CISCO's ScanSafe product doing some web filtering, which was causing my claims based app to return the error of

ProtocolError occured trying to complete the request. The server returned a status code of : ProxyAuthenticationRequired and the status description is : "Proxy Authentication Denied"

After a brief period of using Google for a quick fix I discovered one of two things. Either my search was down the wrong rabbit trail or there wasn’t much in the way of useful quick fix listed for Claims Apps. Giving credit where credit is due the following site got the brain out of the fog. 

From here I figured it was time to break out the MSDN site to figure out how this element works.

After reviewing the MSDN page on the defualtProxy node in the web.config, I came to the next logical step of disabling it, thinking HMMM...This Might Work

So from OLD to NEW, then a quick refresh of the browser and voila!

    <defaultProxy  />

    <defaultProxy enabled="false" />

The MSDN Page Can Be Found Here.





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