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AD User Attribute Reference

I know, like the blogging world needs yet another post on AD User Attributes. There are so many out there and countless other message boards however, as I set and listen to Bill Withers sing his classic song "Lean On Me" I can't help but think maybe I should put a fresh post out for those who are new to SharePoint and new to this whole thing called AD.
I know what your thinking, why waist the energy on something this simple. I have only one answer.
Because it must be done. SharePoint loves to consume external data if given the chance.
That said for those who have stuck with me this long, here are the resources I've used in my data mapping exercises.
These are the real fun exercises you get to do when AD hasn’t been kept up and you need to pitch in to help update it so SharePoint UPS can shine through and work its magic of populating the user data from its external source. To not do this would be like leaving money on the table, after all Microsoft (MSFT) gives us Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) lite as part of SharePoint...lets use it!
So now that we have a reference list we can use something like PowerShell to dump a list of AD into excel and begin good old fashion data massage. Of course we want to take the time to make sure this data massage is documented right? After all we can turn this documentation into our roadmap for automation to help our infrastructure counterparts an extra hand on their workload. I mean let's face it, without them we are up a creek, our beloved applications are dependent upon their work. I toast them as the unsung heroes in our professions...(just don't tell anyone)
I think this post lays the foundation for an upcoming example of "How to", which admittedly would be a greater a help than pointing you to the dictionary leaving you saying "hmmm...this might work" :)

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