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An Awesome SharePoint Migration Tool

As I prepare for our next SharePoint user group meeting, I have to take a moment to send out a shout of praise and thanks to the folks at Sharegate.  Thank You for making such a great migration tool, it's as your slogan indicates a "no brianer"

For those of you not familiar with the Sharegate, I suggest you get that way. But first allow me to share some of the back story of how this blog post came to be.

Rewind roughly six weeks ago, we (my co-workers) were in the middle of a SharePoint deployment where we came to the conclusion we would introduce a new requirement which would change our information architecture. The resultant task was to consolidate three web applications into one within the same farm. Upon completion of this "simple" task we would continue our deployment and development activities around our new information architecture. 

Normally I would say no sweat, we'll just move the data by means of export and re-import. Sadly, this wasn't an option since we quickly learned all of our desired data didn't live in the same farm, and to make things more complicated all of the content was rich with managed meta-data. 

Our first try at this was to call on development resources, they gave it their best shot but it was turning into a bigger issue than we first sized up (I'm sure this hasn't happened to anyone else). Long story short we were spinning our wheels only to see the potential of many wasted dollars in the terms of time.

Second try was to bring PowerShell to the rescue, the thought of exporting the Managed Meta-data Service looked promising however we were running into to resource and time constraints. We now had our backs against the wall.

As it turns out, the third time was the charm, I can't recall how we stumbled upon them (probably Google) but we did stumble upon the Sharegate Migration Suite. Brilliant marketing, offer a fully functional trial program that will move five records at a time during the length of the free trial!.... THIS SAVED OUR PROJECT!

We were able to consolidate enough data in 20 minutes to allow our deployment activities to continue. Mind you we had spent one very long week trying to do this on our own. This is one of those moments where I felt very stupid for not starting with Sharegate.

What made this work was it's client based footprint, using web services to gather the data. There wasn't a server install required. That was music to our ears!

In the first use, compared to the cost of a development resource attempting to create a console app, the tool paid for itself.  The console app would have pretty much been a "one and done". I'll concede the fact the core code may have been reusable, to another developer, but not to me as an admin, at least not in the fashion it was going to be designed.

Our subsequent uses have now paid for the product a couple more times in effort when compared to a build your own.  

If you are in a meta-data migration nightmare or just want to empower that power user then please do yourself a favor and evaluate this tool, strongly consider it as a resource. Don't keep this tool for yourself, make this a resource for that power user or help-desk staff.

Just understand this tool is actually just a subscription type of a tool. That said if you are migrating once it should be a "no brainer" to buy it.

You can find Sharegate them at 



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