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A Lesson About Notes Restricted Groups

This is an experience (rant) I share for the sake of those who may have something similar in their lives. As of this writing I am leading a Lotus Notes 8.5 to Exchange 2010 migration. Our requirements drove the usage of a co-existence solution offered by companies such as Binary-Tree or Quest. Co-existence is defined as sharing a single mail namespace between Exchange and Lotus Notes. In our case Binary-Tree was chosen, however their co-existence solution fell somewhat short when it came to preserving functionality for migrated users in need of the ability to send mail to restricted mail groups in Lotus Notes. During the user migration process, the Notes person document is updated to facilitate mail routing to and from Exchange. that said one would think a co-existence solution would take the necessary steps to make changes to any permissions for any groups contextual to the migrated user. Apparently one would be very wrong, at least in the case of a Binary-Tree solution. As for the solution, it was as simple as adding the primary SMTP short name (e.g first.last from to the restricted group acl win the Domino(Notes) address book. Once this change is complete, replicate the address book across your domino environment. This seems to clear up those lovely Notes mail router responses of "Not authorized to send mail to this user or group" and most importantly restore user function across the co-existing environment.

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