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AD User Account Creation–Script

I’m throwing this script out there for any developers or admins who are seeking a quick SharePoint focused script for user account creation. In my environment we’re working towards automated unattended install of SharePoint, including account creation. AutoSPInstaller is cool but it seems too complicated for me. Put another way, if I’m going to spend time learning I’m choosing to learn PowerShell and SharePoint in more detail. With that said, here is my script. This script could easily import from a CSV (or other file), read a SharePoint List, or any other...

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Uploading Files to SharePoint using PowerShell

Today I had to fall in line and do something I’m not entirely proud of. I had to create a script to replicate files from a fileshare to Sharepoint. Struggling to find value in the efforts, I figured a blog post to remind me of this event was fitting. The script was rather basic, something good, and I took the opportunity to grow, exploring the world of Powershell – SharePoint interaction outside of the SharePoint PS SnapIn. Surprisingly, it was a bit easier than I had imagined. While I wish I could take 100% of the credit, inspiration for...

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Working with SharePoint Web Parts using PowerShell

First things first. I’m not a developer. I seem to do ok working my way through the SharePoint object model with PowerShell and writing automation scripts, but that doesn’t make me a developer. With that out the way, I do find myself in an odd place with developers neglecting (for whatever reason) to automate population of web parts in the content pages their solution has deployed. An example might be Search Content web part needing to have the proper display template selected for displaying conversations. Ah…My Dev friends (don’t hate me) but why not go that extra mile?  If I can...

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SharePoint 2013 Managed Metadata Service Application (MMSA) Gremlins

  This post objective: To simply document something I can’t explain. First the environment has a single WFE and two different app servers (APP1 and APP2). The SharePoint environment in question is running 2013 RTM bits (I know)… The Timeline Roughly 24 hours ago An unplanned deployment of a custom farm solution. Mostly just an automated deployment of content pages with custom webparts. Nothing out of the ordinary here. The standard post deploy testing revealed nothing out of the ordinary, other than Search and...

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An Awesome SharePoint Migration Tool

As I prepare for our next SharePoint user group meeting, I have to take a moment to send out a shout of praise and thanks to the folks at Sharegate.  Thank You for making such a great migration tool, it's as your slogan indicates a "no brianer" For those of you not familiar with the Sharegate, I suggest you get that way. But first allow me to share some of the back story of how this blog post came to be. Rewind roughly six weeks ago, we (my co-workers) were in the middle of a SharePoint deployment where we came to the conclusion we would...

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AD User Attribute Reference

I know, like the blogging world needs yet another post on AD User Attributes. There are so many out there and countless other message boards however, as I set and listen to Bill Withers sing his classic song "Lean On Me" I can't help but think maybe I should put a fresh post out for those who are new to SharePoint and new to this whole thing called AD. I know what your thinking, why waist the energy on something this simple. I have only one answer. Because it must be done. SharePoint loves to consume external data if given the chance. That said...

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Troubleshooting SharePoint Approval Workflow

Recently I was helping someone with a troubleshooting a stock Approval Workflow within a document library. Their request was simple…”Help!” They continued with…”My workflow used to work but all of sudden has stopped notifying people until the task is overdue…not sure when this changed but I need help now.”  If this sounds familiar then read on. Since we all know SharePoint never just stops (ha ha) I figured I needed to drop down and look at the little things, never know it just might work. That said the task list was enabled to send mail upon creation and...

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SharePoint, IE8, WebClient, And Credentials

So I’ve been struggling with an odd issue here at the office. SharePoint kept prompting me for credentials in IE8 but not IE7. To fix this I simply moved the url from trusted sites to intranet sites. Problem Solved!…So I thought Later we noticed when a user would attempt to open a document in any library the user would again be prompted for credentials. After what seemed like a week of Googleling (couple of hours) I discovered a two part MSFT hotfix to which I think SWEET this is fixed. But sadly the installer package informed me the...

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Windows 2008 Server Logon Hang

An interesting event occurred recently in a lab environment of a SharePoint Farm I was working on. This Farm (Moss 2007, Svr 2008, SQL 2008) was a medium farm scaled out in a virtual environment (VMWare)…If memory serves me we had some maintenance to perform on the VM Host which required us to shutdown all guests on this host. I figured this wasn’t a big deal since I had a fresh install of a functioning farm so I gave the VM admin the nod to take us down. Now we fast forward to the fun part…VM maintenance complete…Time to boot...

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