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Windows 2008

Codecs – You know I hate ‘em

As I continue my quest to make lemonade out of the proverbial lemons tossed my way during the course of a day I leave you with the following tidbit on codec's. Since web development really isn't my strong point this many may consider this common sense but for the administrator such as myself codec's are a pain, especially when they don’t play well with Microsoft (or vice versa) and you aren't particularly an expert on them.  The problem: Streaming Application wouldn't play sound on Windows 7 machine because of missing Sipro Lab Telecom codec. ...

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Windows 2008 Server Logon Hang

An interesting event occurred recently in a lab environment of a SharePoint Farm I was working on. This Farm (Moss 2007, Svr 2008, SQL 2008) was a medium farm scaled out in a virtual environment (VMWare)…If memory serves me we had some maintenance to perform on the VM Host which required us to shutdown all guests on this host. I figured this wasn’t a big deal since I had a fresh install of a functioning farm so I gave the VM admin the nod to take us down. Now we fast forward to the fun part…VM maintenance complete…Time to boot...

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