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Exchange 2010

Hiding Disabled Users From Exchange Address Book

The other day while reviewing an Exchange 2010 Environment, I noticed a few active mailboxes belonging to disabled users. For obvious reasons this isn’t a good thing, if for nothing else it clutters up the Exchange Address Book. Next thought in my mind…So what’s the best way to hide these disabled users? Having the PowerShell bias that I do in fact have, I had to spend 15 minutes reviewing the options. Use a manual process. This would include disabling the user in AD, followed up with the steps described here. ...

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A Lesson About Notes Restricted Groups

This is an experience (rant) I share for the sake of those who may have something similar in their lives. As of this writing I am leading a Lotus Notes 8.5 to Exchange 2010 migration. Our requirements drove the usage of a co-existence solution offered by companies such as Binary-Tree or Quest. Co-existence is defined as sharing a single mail namespace between Exchange and Lotus Notes. In our case Binary-Tree was chosen, however their co-existence solution fell somewhat short when it came to preserving functionality for migrated users in need of the ability to send mail to restricted mail groups in...

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