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Using Exchange Web Services Managed API in PowerShell

I’ve been finding myself in the Exchange 2013 world for the last few months, helping with some administration and updates. As a result I stumbled across an unknown, yet cool (to me)  Exchange API. Naturally I couldn’t resist trying this out in PowerShell. For those who just want working script, here it is. This script will return the most recent 10 items. # This requires the Exchange Web Services Managed API to be installed on the computer where this script is being ran # Download at -

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A Lesson About Notes Restricted Groups

This is an experience (rant) I share for the sake of those who may have something similar in their lives. As of this writing I am leading a Lotus Notes 8.5 to Exchange 2010 migration. Our requirements drove the usage of a co-existence solution offered by companies such as Binary-Tree or Quest. Co-existence is defined as sharing a single mail namespace between Exchange and Lotus Notes. In our case Binary-Tree was chosen, however their co-existence solution fell somewhat short when it came to preserving functionality for migrated users in need of the ability to send mail to restricted mail groups in...

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