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November 2006 Entries

tables for layout... boo

reposted from my personal blog this post is re: this article. the author makes tons of great points for reasons to use tables for ease of layout. the problem is that the point of not using tables is so that your content is not tied to your layout in any way. while i agree that for simple easy formatting, tables are FAR superior to css in many ways, the problem is that you probably will want to modify the formatting at some point. why not be able to completely customize your entire site with one file rather than modifying all of your...

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graphic design

I sent this to a buddy of mine who is a web designer/programmer who went to school for design. I thought his comments were worth posting with this. =P that is awesome. i heard something in a Lexus commercial (i think it was) to the effect of design is superior to art because with art you're creating something beautiful that anyone can interpret anyway they'd like to whereas with design you're creating something beautiful that everyone should interpret the same way. like marissa mayer says, and i agree, creativity loves constraint. combining the two ideas, design is more creative than fine art. --marcus

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