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April 2007 Entries

Goaltron / Enrichr

My buddy Marcus is finally showing some serious love to a pet project of his. Goaltron, now, I guess, being renamed Enrichr "the application", after his site, is a goal tracking application.I'm dog-fooding it with him and helping where I can. It works pretty well but of course, as with everything these days, it is in beta. =PDrop by and check it out or check out some of his other sites if you have some time. Pretty good stuff. =)

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old, but still funny. =P

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stored procedure optimization

i get questions and emails like 'can you look at proc/sql/ddl x and make it better' all the time. so, i figured i would publish my answers or refactors here for public scrutiny. i think i've seen several blogs that do something similar like this. learning from your questions... ? whatever. here is one i got the other day proc description: update a statistics table called typetables. this table has stats about lookup type tables of some sort. one of the stats is a measurement of a two subtypes. i don't know, but i can only assume this information is being tracked...

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