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November 2007 Entries


I am a big fan of different web colours. I'm sure others have seen some of the magnified pix of items and some of the cool colours you get. Here are some and an article I saw recently that I enjoyed.     

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OLPC - One Laptop Per Child

I'm thinking about getting these for my kids via the get one give one campaign.   Here's a good article on them. 

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Why Objects Suck

I saw this great article over at codeproject:   Here is one part I found to be particularly on point:      "Now, the diagram above is a bit silly, but I think it's also illustrative of the evolution in both hardware and software architectures. The last column, "Aspect Computing", is something I have totally invented, but it seems to me that as distributed services develop and components/component communication is standardized, a significant amount of "programming" will simply be gluing together disparate components, handling events, and coordinating the flow of data between them."   I totally agree with this and I would say we are almost...

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show proc dependencies

sp_depends will show you the dependencies for an object in sql, but here's a really cheap way to execute that for everything. i had someone ask me how to do this in sql the other day so here it is. you can also just tear into sp_depends and use that with a CTE as well.   set transaction isolation level read uncommitted declare @a sysname   declare c cursor FAST_FORWARD for select specific_name from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES   open c while (1=1)       begin       fetch next from c into @a       if @@fetch_status <> 0 break       exec sp_depends @a       end   close c deallocate c

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