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January 2008 Entries


I didn't know this, and I haven't really confirmed it, but Brian Williams was on the Conan O'Brien show the other night and said it stood for "Stuff We All Get". Sweet! 

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TLD (Top Level Domain) list 

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sql2005 recursion, common table expressions (CTEs), hierarchical data

A colleague of mine that is more familiar with Oracle than MSSql asked me how to create a CONNECT BY query in TSQL. CONNECT BY queries provide for recursive results or views on hierarchical data. The answer is to use a Common Table Expression or CTE. Here is a very simple example that is actually pretty close to what he needed. This assumes a very basic table named 'categories' with an int id, name varchar, int parent_id column and you can put in your constraints. it holds categories and parent categories. the top level will have a null for a...

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