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May 2009 Entries

windows 7 rc

installed this the other day on a few different computers. great experiences so far for me. i used the guide at the following url.

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create a custom sendto item to process files... with powershell...

in reply to dennis' comment on my last post on this little thing (, here's the way to do this with powershell make sure you have powershell installed and working create script somewhere with text: foreach ($i in $args) {move-item $i $i.Replace(".mod", ".mpeg")} create a shortcut in the sendto folder that has the command of '[pathtopowershell.exe] -noexit [pathtoscript] enjoy! i was only renaming certain files to certain other files (MOD to MPEG), but obviously you can customize this however you see fit. i had my batch...

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dsquery, dsget, etc

how i have lived this long in my life without familiarity with these commands is beyond me. i'm a big fan of the command line especially commands that are already or mostly built in. these come with the admin pack. so much easier than opening up the ad user group mgr and other gui tools. here's a sample command. dsquery group -name "any domain group in your domain" | dsget group -members |dsget user -email -samid -display this command will pipe the full name to the get command to list the members which pipes to the command to show the email, samid,...

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