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October 2009 Entries

Adding a task item to sharepoint with VBScript and Microsoft.XMLHttp

who'd want to such a crazy thing? well me. i just wanted to find the dirtiest quickest way with zero overhead to push data directly into a sharepoint list. i found a few articles with some information about this, but the closest one was this one using jquery. so here it is in vbscript with no extra libraries or anything (except what is build into windows which is still plenty). one cool thing about this is it was quite faster than the .net method i posted previously. i attribute that to building a nice web reference with all the different...

posted @ Thursday, October 15, 2009 10:46 PM | Feedback (12) | Filed Under [ DEV ]

Adding an task item to sharepoint with C# .net

There are lots of ways to do things like this. Here's a pretty simple way with c# and .net. forgive some of the using shortcuts, i was just isolating a couple of areas. and as always i normally just post these so i don't forget =P this is just a console app to add a single item to a task list in sharepoint. very simple. the only thing that was a bit of a pain is you need to find your sharepoint id for the person. the easiest way i found that for myself was simply to go to the list,...

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delete objects belonging to a schema in sql

so you try to wack a crazy user who created stuff under his/her own schema in a sql database, but when you try to drop the schema, you get the evil 'something is owned' message. then you look and see they have a billion objects. booo..... oh well, not too big of a deal. you can use something similar to below. the below just drops syn's but you can put a case statement in the build portion based on type and drop everything you need to. obviously this can be tweaked some based on your taste.  declare @s nvarchar(max) while ( select count(*) from sys.objects obj join...

posted @ Monday, October 5, 2009 7:51 PM | Feedback (3) | Filed Under [ DBA ]

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