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stupid macro for adding some leading text in an outlook window

so since i have looked this up and figured it out (i know... there isn't much to figure it out, but there it is) i figured i should blog about it so i can quit looking it up somewhere else. basically i just needed to hit a button/hotkey int outlook and have it insert the time/date stamp and my name and a couple of pipes to just divide everything up. no biggy. but if you never create macros and do this once every two years, it's a bit of a pain to remember how. this is for outlook 2007, i think...

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Top 10 best LogParser links ( plus a bonus 7 =P ) This is my fav one because of the pretty picture at the top =P This one is second fav because it uses the word 'forensic' and they are doing a scenario track down instead of just a bunch of random queries. This one is usually the first extended stop because it uses actual LogParser commands instead of just listing the sql queries. ...

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how to graph / chart multiple ping results using shell scripting and logparser

i probably should have called this post 'stupid batch file tricks' or 'how much time do you want to waste on batch files' as well. =P anyway, i needed to graph something else, and i was fiddling around with logparser. if you have ever fiddled, you have probably googled, and if you have ever googled for logparser, you probably have come across Ken Schaefer's blog post about graphing ping results. it's at if you haven't. go check it out. i will wait. it's quite short. wayyyy shorter than this. =P anyway, i wanted to represent several test result series from...

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