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January 2011 Entries

How to make a laptop stand out of crap for your treadmill for almost free =)

So I work from home. I also have a running machine. I haven't been running in a while because a) running is hard and b) everything has been packed away from moving around last year. Well, the moves are over, everything is long since done and it's a holiday today (MLK) so the banks (one of which I work for) is closed. So today I got my gym room all fixed up. Setup the weights, positioned the treadmill so it's usable, etc etc. Now I need to be able to use my laptop while I am on it during the day....

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Setting the File DateTime properties

This is pretty much a no brainer for code. However I went and looked and everything I found was either overkill, or i wasn't certain of the internals so i had to say run it, look at the properties etc. So I wrote a simple app to do it and put it on codeplex at: This problem stemmed from the fact that I got this weird DVD player and I needed it to play some files from a USB stick in a loop. It loops fine, the problem was ordering. No clue how the ordering was. I thought it might...

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