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January 2013 Entries

How to make EA (Enterprise Architect) documentation available to those without EA using EAPtoHTML

Recently I have been using a software product from Sparx Systems called Enterprise Architect. I (and I believe most people) call it EA for short. You can read about it here. I have enjoyed working with it for the most part. It seems to do a great job for what it is. I have the benefit of coming into an environment where we have a lot of documentation in EA already. Unfortunately none of it is really getting updated due to licensing but my team (and Enterprise Architecture group) is still utilizing it and updating it. The issue we...

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How to search in a SharePoint 2007 list using JavaScript

So recently I had this great idea to extract a bunch of documentation from a sort-of proprietary system, turn it into diagrams, and put it on SharePoint with some searchable data bout each diagram. So the solution looks like: Save all the Diagrams as files with some kind of unique name to some location. Extract a bunch of data bout the Diagrams (preferably the actual text in them) into excel with the same unique name as a key Upload the whole document into a new SharePoint list so it would...

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How to check in multiple documents in Sharepoint 2007

So the other day I did an extract from another documentation system of a few thousand diagrams. I copied these all up to sharepoint but the library I was storing them on had versioning. So how to check them in? Very simple! (assuming you have permissions, which I did) Click Site Actions > View Reports > Checked Out To Me Select the documents you want Actions > Check In (edit: I had pictures here, but our image uploader is on the fritz, so now it’s just a...

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How to save videos from YouTube for free using VLC Media Player in six easy steps

Downloading videos from YouTube is something I think many people need to do from time to time. I always forget how to do it myself and have to re-look it up. So I’m self documenting this time. 1. Download and Install VLC Media Player ( Why VLC Media Player? Because it’s free, it’s a trusted source, and it works. Additionally, this article is about how to save videos from YouTube using VLC Media Player so if you are using another player, you are doing it wrong. =) 2. Open the video you want to save on YouTube, and copy the URL...

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NeverAway v1.0 released

So I wrote a simple program I called NeverAway that will prevent your computer from showing ‘Away’ in Microsoft Office Communicator. ( Or any other program that tracks keyboard activity I would imagine. =P ) You can download the install, program, and the source code at (click on downloads, then the recommended download that creatively is named ‘Extract to somewhere and install this’). From my release notes: Basic Usage Instructions: Simple, just download, extract, install. It will start up automatically. Right click the little shield icon and click...

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