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February 2013 Entries

New and Improved InsertDateTime Macro for Outlook Tasks

In the past I blogged about a macro I use in outlook to automatically add a timedate stamp and my name to an outlook task to make updates easier to facilitate and read. I have updated that macro a little bit since that time and wanted to post the one I currently use. There are really only 2 major changes: Color Coding Insert at the beginning. At my last job I used a sharepoint task list to manage most of my teams activities for quite some time. One of the guys...

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Simple Sniffer in C#

Recently I had a need to audit network traffic on some servers. Believing we had appropriate monitoring in place I placed a request to the right folks to retrieve this information. During that process I decided to do something that’s been on my list of ‘programs to write’ for a while: write a sniffer. My requirements: I only want Protocol Type, Source/Destination IPs and Ports (No Packet Data) Be promiscuous (meaning, get all of the data that we can see, even if it’s not for me) IPv4 only...

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