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April 2013 Entries

How Heroku made me sad today=(

Yes, Heroku made me sad today. Heroku!? What?! I can hear you saying it! =P Fortunately I was just coming down off of a fun trip after refreshing myself on the Codeacademy ruby course. Really nothing there if you already use ruby quite a bit, but I haven’t written any ruby in a couple years and it’s always nice to remember how pleasant that language is to work in. That ruby high is all that kept me plugging away at putting dex’s evil twin ruby brother ‘fwad’ out on Heroku. But first… how did Heroku make me sad? Well FIRST-first,...

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AppHarbor and dealing with annoying firewall rules. =P

A few days ago I was reading one of my usual news feeds The Daily WTF and saw Alex’s post (A (Long Overdue) BuildMaster Introduction) on their BuildMaster product. It looked pretty cool so I downloaded it myself and forwarded it to a colleague at another place of employment. Unfortunately for that individual their firewall policy prevents downloading .EXE files so they could not download any of the installs as they were all .EXE files. So firstly, I would recommend that anyone that wants to have their cool/nifty product downloaded by someone in a large corp should at least...

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