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June 2014 Entries

Generating a Date Dimension table in C#

I use a table similar to this quite frequently for my own personal reporting and analytics on various things. I figured I would polish it slightly and publish it in case anyone else needed it. =)

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List Fields/Formfields data in a Word Document using C# and Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word

I have a set of documents I need to review regularly. They are *mostly* form data in word so I wanted to write a simple script to extract the data I need from all of the documents and put it into a table. I wasn't sure how to do this so I wrote a little script to iterate over the data in the document. The documents I review have several versions, different form fields, and other irregularities. I wanted to save a little script I wrote that uses various methods to iterate through the document. I use LINQPad regularly, so...

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Find Recent Items in Windows 8

Hit Windows + R (Opens "Run" command) Type "Recent" Hit Enter! Google search yields a ton of sources for this. I'm just going to reference the first one that I looked at:  

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Amazon Workspaces – Usage Notes

Pros: Reasonably Priced Easy to setup Easy to add other users Easy to reset to zero and retain data Expensive plan has good response Cons: No usage based pricing Requires usage of the Amazon Workspaces Client Can't save password, makes complex passwords a pain Can't move to different workspace easily Cheap plan not really fast enough for me. Summary: I think the standard plan would be great for most people. Reasonably priced if you need office or not. I think using the MS Office 365 would be a better deal for most, but it's certainly nice to get turnkey with no work on office and anti-virus. I'm surprised MS doesn't offer something like...

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