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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Simple RIAK and C# Example


Install It:

  1. Have a linux box somewhere. i spun up a new centos 7.0 droplet on digital ocean for 5 bucks and turned it off when i was done with it.
    1. Basically, I logged into my new machine and ran:
    2. sudo yum install
    3. sudo yum install riak
  3. If you want this to be available outside of your machine, you need to modify the ip address riak is bound to.
    1. If you were logged in as root, go to the /etc/riak folder and edit the app.config
    2. Modify the "http" area to have your public ip address as well as the 'PB' area up top.
  4. Run "riak start" to start up riak
  5. Check http://<your ip>:8098/riak/status should return some json


Use it:

  1. Open LINQpad (or whatever you want)
  2. NuGet search for riak
  3. Install CorrugatedIron
  4. Create a app.config file that is something like this:
    1. <configuration>
          <section name="riakConfig" type="CorrugatedIron.Config.RiakClusterConfiguration, CorrugatedIron"/>
      <riakConfig nodePollTime="5000" defaultRetryWaitTime="200" defaultRetryCount="3">
              <node name="mynodename" hostAddress="actualnodeaddress" pbcPort="8087" restPort="8098" poolSize="0" />
    2. I think this file can be named anything really, I actually called it riak.config and included a path down below.
  5. try some c# code like this:
    1. void Main()
      //config file location
      var fl = @"path to my app.config";
      //name of the config section in the config file above
      var cs = "riakConfig";
      //name of our riak bucket to store things in
      var b = "mybucket";
      //connect to the cluster using our config file
      var clst = RiakCluster.FromConfig(cs,fl);
      //create a client
      var clnt = clst.CreateClient();
      //create an object to store
      var kvp = new KeyValuePair<string,string>("0","zero");
      //put it in a bucket in riak, key it, and drop the object in there
      var o = new RiakObject(b,kvp.Key, kvp);
      //put the object in riak
      //go get the object using the same key as above
      var r = clnt.Get(b,kvp.Key);
      //dump the value we got back

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