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Generating a Date Dimension table in C#

I use a table similar to this quite frequently for my own personal reporting and analytics on various things. I figured I would polish it slightly and publish it in case anyone else needed it. =)

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List Fields/Formfields data in a Word Document using C# and Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word

I have a set of documents I need to review regularly. They are *mostly* form data in word so I wanted to write a simple script to extract the data I need from all of the documents and put it into a table. I wasn't sure how to do this so I wrote a little script to iterate over the data in the document. The documents I review have several versions, different form fields, and other irregularities. I wanted to save a little script I wrote that uses various methods to iterate through the document. I use LINQPad regularly, so...

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AppHarbor and dealing with annoying firewall rules. =P

A few days ago I was reading one of my usual news feeds The Daily WTF and saw Alex’s post (A (Long Overdue) BuildMaster Introduction) on their BuildMaster product. It looked pretty cool so I downloaded it myself and forwarded it to a colleague at another place of employment. Unfortunately for that individual their firewall policy prevents downloading .EXE files so they could not download any of the installs as they were all .EXE files. So firstly, I would recommend that anyone that wants to have their cool/nifty product downloaded by someone in a large corp should at least...

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Minecraft Password Recovery from lastlogin file

A few months ago my kids and I started up another round of playing Minecraft. The only issue was my daughter had forgotten her password and she lost the password to the email she registered it on and she couldn’t remember her questions etc to recover the password. So as I was looking for ways to recover her password I came across a way to recover it from the lastlogin file used by Minecraft if you check the ‘save password’ box, which she had done fortunately months previously when she last played. I used the Java code below and...

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Setting the File DateTime properties

This is pretty much a no brainer for code. However I went and looked and everything I found was either overkill, or i wasn't certain of the internals so i had to say run it, look at the properties etc. So I wrote a simple app to do it and put it on codeplex at: This problem stemmed from the fact that I got this weird DVD player and I needed it to play some files from a USB stick in a loop. It loops fine, the problem was ordering. No clue how the ordering was. I thought it might...

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