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Find Recent Items in Windows 8

Hit Windows + R (Opens "Run" command) Type "Recent" Hit Enter! Google search yields a ton of sources for this. I'm just going to reference the first one that I looked at:  

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Rename a Connection and change DNS servers

Recently I was fiddling with a virtual lab in azure. I eventually shut down all of the servers except one application server I was still working with a little bit. I had setup the server to originally use a domain controller I setup for DNS, AD, etc. I shut that down though and didn't want to turn it on just to cache requests. I really didn't want to change anything about anything, but every time I rebooted the application server I would get DHCP DNS and it wouldn't work. I don't typically need DNS on this test server and would...

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How to change the first day of the week on Windows 7

Recently I was working to populate a Date Dimension table and I discovered that the script used was basing the first of the week on my local machine. This was fine except I wanted to line up my weeks against our financial system which hand the end of the week on Friday, not Saturday is it looks like on a normal calendar. Basically making the effective change below: To do this, I performed these steps: Open control panel Go to Clock/Language/Region Under Date and Time, click Set the date and time...

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how to graph / chart multiple ping results using shell scripting and logparser

i probably should have called this post 'stupid batch file tricks' or 'how much time do you want to waste on batch files' as well. =P anyway, i needed to graph something else, and i was fiddling around with logparser. if you have ever fiddled, you have probably googled, and if you have ever googled for logparser, you probably have come across Ken Schaefer's blog post about graphing ping results. it's at if you haven't. go check it out. i will wait. it's quite short. wayyyy shorter than this. =P anyway, i wanted to represent several test result series from...

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how do i disconnect all of my network drives in windows

net use * /d /y the /y is undocumented as far as i can see. it provides a 'Y' when it asks if you're sure.

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